Cooking School In Greece -  Sifnos.

10 - 17 June 2018

Price 1750 euros

On the island the light is very special and the sea is always present. I stay in Vathi which is a sleepy cluster of houses on the beach to the south of the island. Vathi has 6 tavernas serving traditional Greek food and a charming little Greek Orthodox church, all on the beach. There are only one or two rows of houses and the hills host goats, donkeys and bees. An island bus links Vathi to the small towns of Apollonia and Artemonas, named after the gods, a high Venetian fortress, Kastro, and the lively port, Kamares. One summer, after a morning swim when I was the only person in the sea, I sat enjoying a glass of wine and thinking "et in Arcadia sum". Arcadia should be shared with the deserving few, so the idea of my Greek island Idyll was born.

 Flights should be booked to Athens and we will meet to catch an afternoon  fast boat to Sifnos.  Accommodation will be in Vathi in private houses on the beach in self-contained bedrooms with simple private bathroom. air conditioning and refrigerators. Many of the rooms have small balconies where you can sit and gaze at the sea with a glass in your hand. Every morning breakfast will be served at a pretty terrace by the sea.

One day we will help cook our lunch in one of the tavernas on the beach, and we will have a lesson with Ronia in the Apollonia house she inherited from her grandmother. She will take the more energetic on a hike and a more gentle walking excursion. Sifnos is known as the island of cooks and potters and we will explore some of the local potteries. After that more free time to read, sleep, sun bathe or explore the many local churches. In the evening we will go to eat somewhere different in other parts of the island, or people can opt for time alone.

The price is 1750 euros and includes bed and breakfast, one main meal a day, lessons and local transport.